Friday, September 16, 2011

Books On Deck / Up Next

I like to keep a hefty stack of books ready for reading next to my bed, which itself has a bookshelf for a headboard. There are a couple hundred different books that sit perched above me as I sleep, and though I'm not as naive as to think there is some kind of osmosis of great writing that filters into my dreams from them, it's a nice scene to wake up to.

I'm constantly being told by people that I need to read such and such because I'll "fall in love with it," which is usually untrue because I'm pretty picky about my reading. There are only a few people who understand my particular proclivities when it comes to style and story and one of those people recommended that I check out some Millhauser, so I bought a few of his books and a few others and my reading list (see: below) has changed and morphed a bit because of it. While I'm still working my way through a couple others, I find it's always good to have five-to-ten picked out to choose from once a book is done. In no particular order, here's what I've got planned for reading over the next month or so:


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