Friday, October 14, 2011

Books On Deck / Up Next (Pt. II)

One of the newer sections of "Impasto" is being told in stage-play/screenplay format, so I'm getting back to reading some old plays by more contemporary writers. I'm also trying to read more of the super experimental stuff to get my mind moving again as I feel a little stagnant creatively. I'm hoping to jar a few ideas loose over the next month and a half, so here are a few things on my to-read list:



  1. House of Leaves is my absolute favorite. Let's talk about it when you're done!

  2. girl....i'm about 75 pages in (and now reading the letters from the mother to the son while she's in the home...INTENSE!)

    i dig the playfulness of it as it's definitely the way i prefer to write as well. at the moment, i can do without the more thesis/academic nature of some of the sections, but i'm thoroughly engrossed. we will DEFINITELY be talking about this one when i get done with it.