Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning DnB

If you don't know what drum'n'bass is, watch the first video first. Kind of a fun little intro into how the music came about based upon a simple drum fill from an old funk band called The Winstons.

I had an old drum'n'bass tune get stuck in my head last Thursday (Roni Size's "New Forms") and it reminded me of all the old dope atmospheric/liquid dnb that's out there. Some people prefer their dnb hard, fast, and angry, and there's certainly a time and place for that for me. But usually, I prefer my dnb super chilled out, laid back, sometimes dreamy. It's excellent driving music, especially late at night. Here's a small sampling of some of the music I either used to own on vinyl, listened to off of friend's mixtapes, or stumbled across later in life. And this is by no means a complete or even close to complete sampling of the thousands of great dnb producers and dj's out there.

Goldie - "Inner City Life"

 Photek - "Rings Around Saturn"

High Contrast - "Made It Last Night"

LTJ Bukem - "Music"

Flytronix - "The Rhode Tune"

Makoto - "Butterfly"

Omni Trio - "Higher Ground"

Roni Size - "Down"

Calibre - "Broken"

Bachelors of Science - "Only"

Adam F - "Circles"

Big Bud - "For Real"


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