Friday, January 11, 2013

Royal Society Journal Archives

My brain is figuratively exploding at the possibilities of what's in this database right now. It's been up and accessible for a year, but still...that so much information is available for free from some of the world's best minds is truly priceless.

Here's the link: Melty Brain Goodness

"You can read Isaac Newton's first published scientific paper, geological work by a young Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin's celebrated account of his electrical kite experiment. As you trawl through them, you'll find some bizarre experiments from the dawn of peer reviewed publishing - including accounts of "monstrous calves, grisly tales of students being struck by lightning, and early experiments on how to coll drinks 'without the Help of Snow, Ice, Haile, Wind or Niter, and That at Any Time of the Year.'"


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